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Broadcast Camera Sales

broadcast camera sales

  • gross sales: income (at invoice values) received for goods and services over some given period of time

  • (sale) a particular instance of selling; "he has just made his first sale"; "they had to complete the sale before the banks closed"

  • A quantity or amount sold

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broadcast camera sales - Coby TFDVD7091

Coby TFDVD7091 7-Inch DVD/MP3/CD Player and ATSC/NTSC TV Tuner, Black

Coby TFDVD7091 7-Inch DVD/MP3/CD Player and ATSC/NTSC TV Tuner, Black

7 inch Widescreen LCD all-in-one TFT Portable DVD/MP3/CD player and ATSC/NTSC TV tuner. Anti-skip circuitry. DVD, DVD±R/RW, CD, CD-R/RW, JPEG, and MP3 compatible. Dual ATSC/NTSC tuners for digital and standard TV broadcast reception. Digital AM/FM radio. Convenient front panel and on-screen display. Multiple DVD language/subtitle/viewing angle support. DVD parental lock control. High-output stereo speakers. Headphone jacks for private listening. Rear AV DVD output for use with external displays and speakers. Dolby digital decoding. Digital coaxial audio output. Rear AV input for use with VCR's, video games, media players, and more. External antenna input. Full-range speakers with 50W total output power

88% (19)

My Sony VX2000 - Want it?

My Sony VX2000 - Want it?

I've got this sony VX2000... bought it about 2 years ago with the intention to add digital video to our photography services. Well,... as it would happen, we never really pursued it. So here it sits in all it's glory, doing absolutely nothing for me.

It probably has 25-30 hours on it. Mostly small gigs that we did take on and a few family vids. Outside of that, it's in amazing shape and for sale for $1000.

If anyone is interested, by all means, contact me at . It's going up on Ebay tonight. You'll recognize it by this pic.

BTW, this is a Strobist shot, taken with 2 off camera flashes triggered wirelessly. Here are the specs


Camera: Nikon D200
Flashes: Bower fsd926 and Metz 54af
Trigger: Ebay PT-04


Metz flash camera right and up at 1/4 power, snoot, pointing to white card 1 foot in front of subject for bounce. Triggered by PT-04.

Bower flash directly behind camera on table, full CTB gel, bare, 6 inches from black backdrop, 1/8 power, triggered optically by slave setting.

ISO: 200
Aperture: 16
Shutter: 200

Soupy Sales - WNEW-TV

Soupy Sales - WNEW-TV

Soupy Sales at WNEW-TV in New York, live and on-air. Somehow, I got to watch the broadcast in the studio; somehow, I thought to bring my camera; somehow, the prints and negatives survived all these years (and I developed and printed them myself!). Soupy is the greatest! If you want to use this photo on your site, I'll happily exchange permission for a credit - just drop me a line here at Flickr.

broadcast camera sales

broadcast camera sales

Mini Wireles Color Nanny Camera

A Complete 2.4Ghz Wireless Spy Camera Kit System ($199 value) with Audio. Wireless Color Camera w/ built-in microphone. Size is so small and discrete it can be hidden anywhere. Slim Receiver w/ 4 channels & power on/off switch as shown exactly on the picture (be aware of other sellers who will ship different cheap receiver that is not like the one shown on the picture) Includes Camera Adjustable bracket for easy installation. Features: 2.4Ghz SUPER SLIM RECEIVER w/ 4 channels to avoid interference & power on/off switch Receiver Antenna Easily connects to a TV, VCR, Computer or DVR for recording Video/Audio Cable AC adapter for receiver AC adapter for camera Manual

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